More than a wrap

Protect your tablet and play games with a friend wherever you go. Challenge your pals with any of the included free games while you sit head-to-head using the controls inside your handy Game-Pro Case. (Accessories sold separately.)

Enjoy the rush!

Drive your adrenaline higher as you steer from one thrilling game to another. Use your steering wheel to fly or drive, wherever your adventure takes you! (Accessories sold separately.)

Sing to your favorite tracks

Show off your star power as you entertain friends. A host of free games lets you use your handy microphone in fun and creative ways. (Accessories sold separately.)

Pump up the volume!

Headphones, just for you, let the world out and the music in. Decibel controlled for young ears. (Accessories sold separately.)

For real games

Bring the joy back into gaming. Our easy to grip attachable joystick lets you easily stun enemies, attack wild beasts, cast magical spells, and repel enemy forces. And it comes with a bundle of free games. (Accessories sold separately.)

Drum up some fun!

Plug in your drums and feel the rhythm. Everyone wins when you combine a drum pad, free games and your MEEP!—a trio you can’t beat! (Accessories sold separately.)

Rock'n roll like a pro

Start your own one-kid-band with your folding piano as you play your favorite tunes or even create new ones. Expand your musical world with free games and rock out! (Accessories sold separately.)